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Why Choose Geography As An Optional Subject For The UPSC Exam?


Geography offers a deep understanding of the world in which we live. Choosing geography as an optional subject for the UPSC exam can be beneficial and strategic. This article explores the reasons why selecting geography can give you an edge in the highly competitive UPSC exam.

Civil service hopefuls would be well-served to take geography as an elective due to the subject's adaptability and interdisciplinary nature. It's a high-scoring option that shares a lot of ground with the General Studies curriculum. Finding the top Geography Optional Coaching Online would be best, like Geographia IAS. Geographia IAS explains why you should take geography as an elective for the UPSC exam.

Why do candidates choose geography?

  • Candidate preparation time is minimal, and the scientific topic is self-evident.
  • There is a plethora of training and learning resources available.
  • The subject's rate of success is extremely high.
  • Connected to GS Paper 1 material.

Advantages of geography optional for UPSC

For several reasons, Aspirants interested in the civil services exam might benefit from taking Geography optional coaching online from Geographia IAS.

  • Relevance:
  • The study of geography has never been more timely or important. It's crucial for grasping the complexities of our shared world and the interconnectedness of its inhabitants. Some of the most pressing problems of the 21st century include global warming, natural disasters, and dwindling supplies. Government officials can better address these issues if they have a firm grasp of geography. The Geography Optional Test Series increase your confidence in this subject from Geographia IAS.

  • Scoring:
  • On the UPSC main exam, geography tends to score well. Many of the questions are straightforward multiple-choice tests of factual knowledge. Some questions are based on maps, and the rewards for getting them right can be substantial. Aspirants will benefit greatly from Geographia IAS's Geography Optional Test series.

  • Overlap with general studies:
  • Many topics covered in the General Studies curriculum also appear in the geography curriculum. So, studying Geography can help you in your optional paper and the General Studies papers.

  • Interdisciplinary:
  • Geography is interdisciplinary because it incorporates insights from many other academic disciplines, including history, economics, and politics. This can help you gain a global perspective, which is especially useful for public servants.

  • Simplicity itself:
  • Unlike the concepts in some other elective courses, those in Geography are relatively easy to grasp. As a result, it's a great option for hopefuls whose academic interests lie outside of the hard sciences and the humanities.

  • Possibility to make use of flowcharts and diagrams:
  • Diagrams and flowcharts work particularly well when presenting geographical information. It's a great way to demonstrate your familiarity with the topic and support your arguments with concrete examples. The Geographia IAS is an all-inclusive resource for this topic.

  • Extra advantages of taking Geography as a free elective from Geographia IAS:
  • Studying geography is a great way to hone your ability to think critically and solve problems. You will need to be able to analyse complex problems by considering the interplay of multiple physical and human variables. This is an important trait for public servants, who must frequently come up with original answers to difficult problems.

  • You can broaden your worldview by studying geography:
  • It's a great way to learn about the world and how its many communities and ecosystems work together. You can learn a lot about the opportunities and threats that the global community faces as a whole.

  • Studying geography is a great way to hone your verbal and written expression.
  • To succeed in this course, you'll need to hone your essay-writing and presentation skills, both written and oral. Government workers, who must interact with many different groups, benefit greatly from these abilities.

Career Prospects

A geography option can open up a wide range of career prospects beyond the UPSC exam. Geography prepares you for careers in urban planning, environmental management, cartography, research, and academia. Throughout your professional career, geography knowledge and skills will be valuable assets.


As an elective for the civil service exam, Geography is a worthwhile and rewarding field of study. It's an important, high-score, and generally interesting topic. Geography is a great choice for an elective course that will boost your GPA and help you perform better on the civil service exam. You should use the Best Online UPSC Test Preparation Platform, such as Geographia IAS, to pass the most difficult exam.